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Florida Plastic Surgery Center Outperforms Competing Cosmetic Surgery Practices by 20%

Internet marketing key to performance, says cosmetic surgery center

Plastic surgery centers are turning to Internet marketing, including search engine optimization, as the recession drags on and people continue to put plastic surgery and other luxury spending on hold. The average plastic surgery center in Florida is seeing revenue decreases of 25 percent. Amid the cutbacks, it’s not always clear which Internet marketing activities should be invested in.

So what’s a cosmetic surgeon to do? One plastic surgery center in Gainesville, Florida, is busy investing in key Internet marketing tactics – and reaping the rewards. SEO Medical, the suite of medical Internet marketing services offered by online marketing firm SEO Advantage, is helping keep Gainesville’s Accent Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics in high demand even through the recession and an influx of new competitors in the local market.

Since October 2008, the Gainesville plastic surgery practice has worked with online marketing company SEO Advantage to raise its visibility and reach out to potential customers online. Now the practice is showing prominently in Google natural searches for over 200 keywords associated with its Gainesville plastic surgery and aesthetic services, drawing customers from nearby areas like Ocala, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and Tallahassee.

“Our plastic surgery practice is fully booked,” says Walt Atyeo, CEO at Accent. “And our aesthetic services clinic has maintained its volume. With consumers cutting their spending and more local competition in recent years, being able to hold our position has been a great success for us. We have not seen revenues dip more than 5 percent at any point, while other practices are seeing decreases of 25 percent or so just due to the recession.”

In fact, Accent is so confident that Internet marketing holds the key to reaching more local patients that the Gainesville plastic surgery practice has signed a three-year contract with online marketing company SEO Advantage to ramp up its Internet marketing by 350 percent. The cosmetic surgery center is also undergoing a website makeover and adding a blog and knowledge center to address the average consumer’s need for more information online.

“Web site marketing is mandatory for cosmetic surgery centers that want to continue to thrive, given how people now conduct their search for providers,” explains Stone Reuning, president of SEO Advantage. “Appearing at the top of online searches and providing authoritative, accessible resources are the most effective ways to build a patient base and position a plastic surgery clinic as a leader in any local market in today’s consumer environment. Of course we’re thrilled by Accent’s success and are looking forward to driving further growth for the clinic’s plastic surgery and aesthetic services.”

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