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Physician Marketing and Medical SEO Keyword Placement Goes Hand in Hand, Part 1

Now that you’ve developed a list of strong medical SEO keywords, you’re ready to begin developing your site’s content. But where you place those keywords is every bit an important factor in physician marketing online as the keywords themselves.

So where on my webpage do I place my best medical SEO keywords when I market my medical practice online?

We invite you to read on and learn about the most important place on your website your medical SEO keywords should go to maximize your online physician marketing efforts. There are indeed more places you can place your medical SEO keywords to help boost your rankings so check back again soon for the second part of our article series on keyword placement.

Title Tags

Placing medical SEO keywords in your title tag has the most impact in terms of search engine rankings. The title tag tells the search engines what your page is about – they consider keywords found there to be extremely important. It’s the text Google and most other search engines use to link to your site on a search engine results page.

By title tag, we mean text within the HTML <title> tag on your webpage. You can look at any webpage’s title tag by choosing “View Source” in Internet Explorer or “Page Source” in Mozilla Firefox.

Many web sites across the Internet make the mistake of using insignificant phrases like “Welcome to our Home Page” or their company name as their title tag. Your business name is very easy to rank for since it’s likely to be somewhat unique, making it a less competitive keyword. Unless your business name is a competitive keyword, placing it within your text is usually good enough.

Use terms people would use to search for you online in your title tag

Let’s say you own a chiropractor clinic in Atlanta, Georgia by the name of EZ Chiropractics…don’t simply put EZ Chiropractics as your title tag since that will hinder your business’ website for terms like “Atlanta chiropractors” or “Georgia chiropractors”, terms people would use when searching for you online.

Use <title>Atlanta Chiropractor Practice – Georgia Chiropractors – Chiropractics Atlanta</title> or something like that instead for your title tag since those are actual medical SEO keywords someone will use.

Limit your title tag to 65 characters or less, or 7 to 10 words, to avoid part of your title being chopped off by some search engines. For the example above, we may add “EZ Chiropractics” at the end if it’s a competitive keyword and fits within the 65 character limit.

You should also limit the use of stop words in your title tags. These are dead weight words that are so common search engines ignore them or return irrelevant results. Examples include “the”, “of”, “that”, “is”, “and”, “to” and so on. These words have no meaning in a search and waste valuable character space that does nothing to help your rankings.

To get an idea of how many other Web pages are using your keywords in their titles, go to Google and enter “intitle: put your title keywords here” in the search bar.

The title tag is by far the most important place you can put your strongest medical SEO keywords but it doesn’t end there. Check back with us again soon for Part II of our article series on keyword placement and learn about other spots your keywords need to be to maximize search engine rankings.


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