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SEO Medical is a unique suite of Internet marketing services designed specifically for the medical industry. We work with a full range of organizations to drive revenues and increase exposure online, including hospitals, specialized care centers, medical software and technology companies, and individual medical practices. Here we showcase a few examples of the experience of our staff of medical web site designers, copywriters, and SEO engineers who work on all our campaigns.

Medical Internet Marketing Case Studies

Florida Plastic Surgery Center Outperforms Competing Cosmetic Surgery Practices by 20%

Copywriting for Medical Marketing

White Paper: CDM File Management Challenges and Solutions to Create User-Driven Billing Solutions and Maximize Revenues

SEO Copywriting for Rehabilitation Center

Medical Web Site Design Samples

""e-TBA Bookstore ""e-TBA ""Healthcare-e ""SBD ""SBD Blog ""SBD Bookstore ""SEO Medical. com Blog ""SEO Bookstore ""SEO ""Advance Rehabilitation ""DermHorizons

Medical Graphic Design Samples

Medical Logo Designs

""Advance Rehabilitation ""Advanced Hospitalist Group ""Rolling Oaks Professional Park ""Spring Hill Medical Group

Medical Corporate ID Packages

""Advance Rehabilitation
Corporate Id Package
""Advance Rehabilitation
""Advance Rehabilitation
Pocket Folder
""AHG Brochure ""AHG Corporate Id Package ""AHG Pocket Folder & Inserts ""AHG Rolodex Card, Mouse Pad
and note Pad
""Mc Cauley & Associates
Corporate Id Package
""Spring Hill Medical Group
Corporate Id Package
""Triangle of Healthcare Brochure ""Triangle of Healthcare
Corporate Id Package

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